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The world’s last hunter-gatherer tribes are Tanzania’s Yazda and Venezuela’s Yanamami. They are lean, fit and energetic, and do not suffer from the myriad chronic diseases that plague westerners. Visitors are consistently struck by how much they smile and laugh. What’s their secret?

Stanford and NYU scientists discovered that their microbiomes, the worlds of microbes inside us all, are far more diverse than our own. So we found out what those tribes were eating: fruits, seeds, nuts, and roots with a diversity of fiber plus resistant starch for short chain fatty acid production. Then we put them all in a bar so good you can’t resist it.

Lake Eyasi, Tanzania


Baobab fruit. Green bananas. Tiger nuts. Chicory root. If you’re like many westerners, this is the first time you’ve heard of these ancient tribal foods. They might sound funny, but their health benefits are no joke. Thanks to expert help from nutritionists and food scientists, Human Food Bar has them all, tastes great, and just happens to be low sugar, keto, vegan, and lectin-free.


In 2017, Dr. Steven Gundry M.D. published his NY Times bestselling gut health book The Plant Paradox. It’s got an ultra-short list of nutrition bars, and Human Food Bar proudly made the cut. In 2023 the bar was reformulated, based on the latest advances in food and nutrition science, to be the dream bar for people who are lectin-free, vegan, low carb or paleo–or for anyone who wants to level up their diet without compromising on taste.

The Plant Paradox book photo
Remy Tennant

A message from the FOUNDER

For years, I worked in Silicon Valley, rushing from meeting to meeting with little time for meals. Naturally my gut health suffered. I ate a lot of bars, but just because I worked in tech doesn’t mean I wanted to eat high-tech chemicals. So I tested and tweaked, and came up with the first natural nutrition bar specifically designed for gut health. Human Food Bar has seven kinds of prebiotic fiber, all from sources time-tested by hunter-gatherer tribes. Add dark chocolate, coconut, and almonds, and it’s a bar worth going out of your way for—but you can get it sent right to your home.


While we’re proud to provide you with bars that are naturally sourced and taste great, we’re also working hard for positive social and environmental change. Because even the wildest success is meaningless, if it happens in a world we can’t live in.

We donate 1% of all profits to the Hadza Fund, the Dorobo Fund, and The Yanomami Foundation, to support the Hadza and Yanomami tribes.

Our warehouses use all available energy efficient technologies, such as LED lighting, and our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and are printed with soy-based ink. We offer carbon-neutral shipping via CarbonClick.

We’re currently certified GMO-free, and will be organic and fair trade certified as soon as possible. 

To good health,


Founder, Human Food Bar

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